Upwardly Mobile

03/24/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It's a new year and new technology abounds. Last week Google announced the launch of its Nexus One phone, the first real competitor to the iPhone. Meanwhile, Apple snapped up mobile ad network Quattro Wireless, Google purchased AdMob, and tech blogs were abuzz about the release of the new Apple tablet.

As for me, I'm still in love with my iPhone, purchased a whole 18 months ago (that's a lifetime in e-commerce). And I'm not alone in my iPhone love: So far, there have been three billion downloads from Apple's app store, where there are more than 65,000 apps for sale (including Gilt Groupe's free Gilt on the Go app).

Right now I have four pages of apps on my phone. There's a gothic T for the New York Times. Along with 50 million other global users, I use the Shazam app to get hooked on songs playing in bars and restaurants. I call my friends overseas using a free Skype app. And I've downloaded Audobon Birds: A Field Guide to North American Birds. (I'm involved with Audobon Alaska and want to learn more about our feathered friends.)

In a single device I have everything a 21st-century working girl needs: phone, email, text, Internet, Twitter, Facebook. I no longer have a landline and leave my laptop at home when I travel. I manage all my personal finances, like bill payments, on my phone. And I prefer reading newspapers and blogs on a 4-inch screen -- it feels more immediate, plus I don't have to deal with the guilt of throwing out paper.

We launched Gilt on the Go in September, and three weeks ago we issued a new release that lets our members shop more sales and enjoy more features, like product zoom. We're even planning private sales designed only for our iPhone users! But for me, the best thing about Gilt on the Go is that it makes a very satisfying ping sound when the screen opens. As one of my friends says, it's the sound of shopping.

It's important for us to be wherever our members are -- just because they're away from their desks doesn't mean they should lose out on luxury sales at a discount. But the funny thing is, our members seem to think about us as much as we think about them. After all, they tweet about us all the time...possibly on their iPhones. Here's a snippet of what they've been saying:

"I love the Gilt iPhone app! I just bought a new rug while feeding my lil' baby dinner." - sharidoherty

"Thx 4 the Gilt tweet. I have their iPhone app...a daily temptation they are!" - tazkitty

So here's to a new year, new technology and new freedoms!

PS. All this talk of new mobile technology makes me think of landfill. Only 10 percent of used cell phones in the US are recycled. If you'd like to donate your old phone for charity, the cable network and blog PlanetGreen has five earth-friendly suggestions for doing so. ( ) It's a hard cell, but we're buying!