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The Shadows They Draw: Clifton Beach, Karachi (PHOTOS)

Intro by Aisha Iqbal

Karachi defies explanations in so many different ways and Clifton Beach, with its rolling gray waves, glittering sand and diverse crowds, is the epitome of this bustling metropolitan, which has an estimated population of 19 million and rising.

This stretch of the Arabian coast lines the edge of one of the city's more upscale neighborhoods, but its beauty lies in the amalgamation of people who come to visit. From veiled women splashing and shrieking in the waters to a young couple with their jeans rolled up, walking hand-in-hand and trailed by adorable, sandy-haired children cajoling them to buy a wilted rose or two. Camels, photographers and men renting blue plastic chairs for a few rupees so you can sit in the middle of the beach, with the waves rushing up to splash over your knees - Clifton Beach has a unique beauty in a city that has seen some tough years and a country that has been deemed one of the most dangerous places in the world.

The Shadows They Draw: Clifton Beach, Karachi

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