07/27/2010 11:02 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

KCRW Presents: Girls, Girls, Girls

Hi. This is Jason Bentley, host of KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW's flagship music show that has been on the air for more than thirty years. This is also Jason Bentley music director for KCRW. I love Neko Case.

We here at KCRW provide our listeners with the cutting edge culture that they deserve and when there is a new trend on the horizon, one that can raise funds for our humble non-profit outfit, then that is a match made in heaven. That is why, as music director, I'd like to announce our new event series: KCRW presents: KCRW Girls Girls Girls. We are coming to you live from Crazy Girls strip club in Hollywood. As is the trend now to have DJs and bands perform at strip clubs, we are now throwing our hat into the ring and doing it right. I'm curating it so that our listeners can enjoy the experience of a gentleman's club without ever having to leave the comfort of their Prius.

Up first to the stage is Charity, and speaking of, we are still deep into our pledge drive, folks. Every dollar counts. So if you can open your wallets and put your dollars where it counts: into Charity's G-string. Whole Foods has generously offered to match each donation to keep our humble public radio juggernaut going. As a special bonus, if you pledge by the end of this song, one lucky listener will get a prize package of tickets to the New Pornographers show that the Troubadour and a supply of KY lube from The Pleasure Chest on Santa Monica Boulevard. Don't forget you can use your KCRW Fringe Benefits card at The Pleasure Chest for a discount on all of your...uh...erotic needs. A very special thanks to all of our local sponsors who make our broadcast possible. And without further ado, here's Charity dancing to These Precious Things by Tori Amos.

Coming up next we will be debuting some new Grizzly Bear, a live Local Natives track, several seemingly non-ending tracks by Ozomatli, and our newest dancer here at Crazy Girls, Chartreuse. But before that, I need to mention that I love Neko Case. Next up to the stage is a girl who requested some Motley Crue, so I'm going to play her some Yeasayer. Here's Sephora!

We hope you are enjoying our live broadcast from Crazy Girls. Funding in part is by the Kechris Foundation. But we still do need your help. For the next song, anyone who pledges on the phone or in the G-string will be eligible to win a pair of Bon Iver panties. Nothing says sexy like songs of longing and remorse. So please call in with those dollars or just stuff them right in Caramel's thong. She's up next and she'll be dancing to Ke$ha. It's a special remix done by Massive Attack, and has been vetted by our fearless leader, Anne Litt, so I've gotten the go ahead to play it for you all. And if it's no good, I have some Neko Case tracks standing by, so please welcome to the stage...Caramel!

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