Pellicano Trial: The Wait Is On To Sue

04/16/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The courtroom is packed today with civil lawyers looking to make a big score off of the phone company and the police department. First up to testify was former Beverly Hills Police Department detective Craig Stevens, who admitted to supplying Anthony Pellicano with both DMV reports and criminal history information. Sadly, Mr. Stevens, who is now a grocery clerk, received a bit more than $10,000 for his troubles...another victim of Mr. Pellicano's poor employment benefit program. Mr. Stevens looked depressed and almost resigned to a criminal sentence as he told the court that he "lied about everything."

As civil attorneys licked their collective lips in anticipation of suing the Beverly Hills Police department for a host of crimes based on Mr. Stevens' confirmation that he'd violated police databases for Pellicano, Mr. Stevens explained that he'd provided Pellicano with at least 100 police reports and that he'd already plead guilty to seven felonies--although not to wiretapping or conspiracy.

Before Mr. Stevens, we saw Tom Gores take the stand and try to not talk about sleeping with his brother's wife. Looking uncomfortable and confused, Mr. Gores stumbled through is testimony. He confirmed that it was his voice on the phone with Lisa Gores following their rendez-vous at the Beverly Hills hotel, but he couldn't remember much else about the conversation. But then, there's really not much more for him to tell at this point. We're all painfully aware of all the details of his affair with his brother's wife. What we didn't know was that Tom Gores also hired Anthony Pellicano to do some background checks for business purposes. So, that means, that not only did Alec Gores hired Pellicano to investigate his wife Lisa Gores, but Tom also hired Pellicano. And, although we didn't hear the tapes, there are audio recordings of Lisa Gores hiring Pellicano to investigate the affairs of her husband, Alec. Basically, this was an incredibly busy family. Just to sum up the Gores' family dynamics---we now know that Alec was supposedly fooling around on Lisa and Lisa was fooling around on Alec and as we now know, Tom was fooling around with Lisa. And, despite the fact that they all hired Pellicano--and that the detective engaged in wiretapping for Alec--everybody is free to go back to their family soap opera.

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