06/26/2015 04:41 pm ET | Updated Jun 26, 2016

PHOTOS: What Love Looks Like to This Lesbian

Love is meeting her for the first time and feeling like you've known her forever.

Love is laughing at something only you both understand.

Love is swallowing your pride and apologizing because you hurt her feelings.

Love is being brought to tears at the thought of how much you care about another human being.

Love is sleeping most soundly when she's breathing softly by your side.

Love is not getting the last word.

Love is worrying about her well-being.

Love is favoring a quiet night at home over rowdy shenanigans out at the bar.

Love is finding beauty in little moments, the way the sun hits her face at dusk; her scent in the morning; her smile.

Love is putting her needs before your pride.

Love is all hands on deck when she's not feeling well.

Love is listening to her vent about her bad day.

Love is foot massages.

Love is cooking together.

Love is exploring new lands and meeting new people together.

Love is becoming part of our families.

Love is loving her so deeply it hurts.

Love is facing challenges head on together.

Love is respect.

Love is growing along side each other as we change.

Love is helping realize our dreams.

Love is brushing our teeth together.

Love is doing embarrassing, silly things that we'd dare not share with anyone else.

Love is the absolute perfection of a stroll with your toes in the sand and your fingers entwined.

Love is making love on a rainy afternoon.

Love is feeling sick to your stomach when you haven't yet heard that she arrived safely.

Love is folding the laundry the way she likes it.

Love is rolling your eyes that you're folding the laundry the way she likes it.

Love is kissing away her tears.

Love is always having her back, and knowing she has yours.

Love is getting lost in her kiss.

Love is being there to care for a sick relative.

Love is standing before your friends and family and declaring your commitment.

Love is thinking a lifetime together isn't enough.

Love is dreaming about the future together, and then planning to make it a reality.

Love is watching thunderstorms together.

Love is comforting.

Love is kind.

Love is pure.

Love is necessary.

Love is everything.

Love has no gender.

That's why I want marriage equality.

What Love Looks Like to This Lesbian