New Photos Released of Conflict Between Peruvian Government and Amazon People

Thousands of Peruvian activists have been protesting against a series of laws that will threaten their land's natural resources. The Peruvians protest in a show of solidarity for Amazon tribes, who have been on strike more than month.

Privatization is the heart of the conflict. The tribes object to presidential decrees that have opened up their natural resource sectors to private investors. Sadly, the protests have spiraled into violence, and more than 30 people have died with dozens more injured.

A reader, Luis Andres Sendoya, sent me photos taken by volunteers in Peru of the conflict between the Peruvian government and the Amazon people. The photos can be viewed here, but I must warn readers that they are extremely graphic.

Alan Garcia, the president of Peru, pleads for calm from his countrymen, but what he has not yet acknowledged are the rights of the indigenous Peruvians, which is really what this whole conflict is about.

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