06/25/2010 11:05 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

False study proves Family Research Council's anti-gay animus

I was looking over a "study" published by the Family Research Council which supposedly proves that there is a "significant problem of homosexual misconduct in the military."

 FRC announced the study in May and no one really paid attention to it because the organization's bias against the lgbt community is commonly known.

But the study does need to be observed, not because it's credible but because it demonstrates how low FRC will stoop to malign the lgbt community.

The main point of the study is the following:

Homosexual activist groups themselves have admitted that less than three percent of Americans are homosexual or bisexual.

FRC has reviewed the "case synopses" of all 1,643 reports of sexual assault reported by the four branches of the military for Fiscal Year 2009 (October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2009). Our startling finding was that over eight percent (8.2%) of all military sexual assault cases were homosexual in nature. This suggests that homosexuals in the military are about three times more likely to commit sexual assaults than heterosexuals are, relative to their numbers.

Or as it is put in a footnote on pg. 16:

134 of 1,643 reported assault synopses involved homosexual assault, or 8.2%. There were 124 male-on-male cases and 10 female-on-female cases.

By the way, the rest of the study is nothing more than details of the alleged sexual assaults written in a way that is so salacious, I'm sure  Peter LaBarbera has a published copy under the guise of "research."

Let's ignore the time consuming discussion of how many lgbts there actually are - no doubt FRC wouldn't mind to have the issue sidetracked by such discussion - and focus on how the group is manipulating via percentages.

The organization has chosen to play a silly game of percentages not unlike the one played by white racists when informed that the majority of people on welfare are not African-Americans.

"Well percentage-wise, black people do utilize welfare more," they say.

Or more to the point, FRC's phrase - homosexuals in the military are about three times more likely to commit sexual assaults than heterosexuals are, relative to their numbers - seems to be carefully worded parlor trick meant to push the claim that a high number of military gay men are committing sexual assaults in spite of the fact that the actual numbers don't back it up.

FRC's tactic reminds me of a passage in a situation comedy between a man and his date:

Man: Some folks say I look like Denzel Washington . . .

(His date looks at him in disbelief)

Man: . . . when I squint my eyes . . .

(The man's date still looks with more disbelief)

Man: . . . when there aren't that many lights on . . .

The man's date: I'm starting to see the resemblance!

FRC's study is not going to look credible no matter what the group does because all the lights are on for a change.