Bills Lose in OT--Stevie, It's OK

11/29/2010 05:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I'm not going through what went down during yesterday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers because we all know what happened: 19-16 loss in overtime. You can read that here. There were good plays, unfortunate instances and overall, two of the most important things for this Buffalo team: promise and unity. We can't lose sight of that.

Instead, I'd rather just say what so many of the real Bills fans want to say but don't have a means, other than Twitter or Facebook, to do. And that is: Stevie Johnson, it's ok.

I know that Stevie doesn't think it's ok and has said he'll never get over it, but the fact that he's out there saying those things, taking it so hard and making the decision on his own to talk during the post game interviews is how I know he'll get over it. Eventually.

Until HE gets over it, here's why everyone else needs to drop it and move on.

Yes, Stevie dropped what would have given the Bills their third win, against a 7-3 team at that, but listen, everyone makes mistakes and what's making this particular one hurt even more is the bullsh*t popping up all over the internet. I expect the media to have a field day with this and would be a little disappointed in my attention crazed cohorts if I didn't see the sensational headlines they think are so clever. But what's more disappointing is when posts on fan-driven websites and when the "fans" themselves turn this into more than it needs to be.

I've seen people on Twitter or Facebook offering their commentary, no doubt tweeted in the heat of the moment, but still, give the guy a break. There are blog posts written by Bills fans, that harp on that incompletion and outright blame Stevie. Guess what: it's not anybody's place to attach blame, except for Stevie himself, and lord knows he's heaping plenty of that on himself.

Speaking of the Lord, as if it wasn't bad enough that people felt the need to talk and talk and talk about the dropped pass, now they're taking one tweet from Stevie ABOUT that dropped pass and writing about THAT. I'm sorry, but that's a little out of control. So out of control that I'm done talking about it here.

Let the guy get over this in peace.

Maybe what should be noted is the genuine support he's getting from teammates like Lee Evans, Freddy J and coach Chan Gailey. That demonstrates my theory that the Buffalo Bills are, even when all else seemingly fails, a unified team. Let's focus on that because it's something not all fans can boast. It's way better to root for a team that legit likes one another, cares about each other and are man enough to accept ish for what it is. I'm just sayin', we all know perfectly well this wouldn't be the case on a team with big names and overhyped flair.

To see what I'm talking about read this from (if you say you don't get tears in your eyes, you're either heartless or are a man)

We still love you Stevie Stylez, you "fly guy" you. ;-) One catch doesn't negate your magnificent season.