11/01/2010 03:49 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bills Suffer Another OT Loss

The Bills pushed Sunday's game at Kansas City into overtime, making this the second week in a row that a "superior" team was forced to sweat their way through a game they no doubt thought would be a cinch. It is, after all, the Buffalo Bills they were up against. The only winless team in the league. A win was basically a no brainer, right? Wrong. Congrats on the win, but I wouldn't go right to proud or anything, Arrowhead fans. The Chiefs eked out a 13-10 win as overtime was diminishing. (And really, we should have won with Lindell's first 53-yard fieldgoal that he hit. But we won't get into the dirty timeout calling actions of Todd Haley)

Instead of a painful recap that you nor I want to endure, let's take a look at some game moments that deserve applause, and others we'd like to forget.

  • The whole first quarter was pretty uneventful; boring, really. But that's why it was memorable. We didn't score, but that's not necessarily unusual. Kansas City not scoring, though, is highly unlike them this season. Kudos to our defense, which really stepped up this week. And KC has the best run game in the NFL.

  • Paul Posluszny and Kyle Williams were all over the place. Poz had 18 total tackles and Williams had nine with two sacks. It's hard to keep track of when and where they made the big plays, but there's no doubt that they played a huge part in preventing more points from being put up on the board. Thomas Jones is a force to be reckoned with on the ground, but Williams held his own, stopping him on some big downs and touchdown attempts.
  • In more defensive moves, Drayton Florence did a good job blocking without getting slapped with pass interference. And sometime in the late fourth quarter...or OT, I can't remember...he blocked a Cassel pass, deflecting it toward Donte Whitner for a would-be interception (which didn't happen, but the effort was there). That's quick thinking, solid gameplay and a confidence that we haven't seen from our D in a couple weeks.
  • My Lee Evans pulled in some tough balls, thrown perfectly by Fitz, to set us up deep in Chiefs territory. Stevie Johnson finished the job by diving into the endzone on a 4-yard pass, falling over the line literally by a hair. Those two are shaping up to be reminiscent of my old favorite duo, Eric Moulds and Peerless Price.
  • Roscoe Parrish also had some impressive catches that converted on several third downs, hanging on to them in pretty heavy coverage. In my opinion, he has completely redeemed himself from last season's mess. I'm sorry for being so harsh.
  • David Nelson might not get a ton of gameplay, but when the rookie is needed, he has shown he can deliver, making some critical late-game catches both this week and last.
  • Our O-line is slowly getting itself together, providing Fitz with adequate coverage some of the time and occasionally developing Freddy's blocks for him. What it needs to work on now, is false starts. Not a great habit to still have, Demetrius Bell.
  • Not a great memorable moment, but one nonetheless, is Fitz's interception with about 20seconds left in regulation. What could have resulted in a touchdown to win the game, or set up an easy Lindell fieldgoal, turned into a potential disaster. Not to fear, though. Our D sacked Cassel and the clock ran out. (Fitz put in work, though, with 223 yards passing and 43 yards rushing. Just wow. He's a scrapper and I like it)
  • In OT, Lindell hit a 53-yard FG on his first attempt. BUT, Haley pulled a dirty little trick and called a timeout right before he kicked the ball (supposedly), causing him to do it again, with his second attempt blowing far right and hitting the goalpost. I personally think that was a bit of homecooking, but what's done is done.
  • Succop missing a 39-yarder almost right after Lindell's stolen FG was great, almost like karma.
  • GO BILLS!!!