04/29/2011 04:06 pm ET Updated Jun 29, 2011

Bills Take DT Marcell Dareus of Alabama With Third Pick

Marcell Dareus of Alabama.

First things first: here's to the Bills not wasting their No.3 draft selection. I'll toast to that! Second: I've been trying to push football out of my mind so I can recover from last season but that's all out the window now ... football is bacccckkkk!

The massive defensive tackle should be a nice addition to the Bills' defense, which despite boasting plenty of talented players in 2010-11, struggled to comfortably conform to the 3-4. At 6'3 1/2 and 319 lbs, Dareus is familiar with the 3-4 and has both speed and adaptability. Line him up at DE and hopefully he'll be a force that will help the run defense out of its last place ranking -- and with very solid run games in our very own division, we can't afford to lack a run D.

My only concerns are that he hasn't been 100 percent for an entire season and with an injury curse hovering above the Bills season after season, you can see my fear. I don't want to love someone new, just for him to sit on the bench!

No rash assumptions or judgements until training camp and I can actually see Dareus in action. So for now, my opinion stands as such: He is an adorable chunk of athleticism and I'd like a hug.

How will the Bills use their remaining picks? I'd like to see us draft a QB that Fitzpatrick can groom. And while we definitely need some offensive lineman, I'm not crazy about banking on rookies to fill that gap again because so far, that hasn't panned out great -- I'd rather see us trade for some established talent in that corner.