Bills Woes May Go Beyond the Field

10/30/2010 11:47 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It seems the Buffalo Bills (well, their fans, at least) just can't seem to win--or catch a break.

It's not bad enough we're shouldered with the exhausting task of rooting for a team that's embedded in our hearts and souls, yet can't seem to figure out how not to break those hearts; of defending a team year after year after year, who to most everyone except Bills fans, doesn't seem deserving of such loyalty; of spending countless hours and dollars watching games at the Ralph or the bar, only to walk away from another losing season. Have we not suffered enough?!

And now, one of the only things that has distinguished the Buffalo Bills from other NFL teams (since in recent years, we can't rely on stats to boast about) and given fans and non-fans something positive to talk about, might be ripped away from us.


Almost everyone who knows anything about football, has heard about the epic event that is Buffalo Bills tailgating. Whether at an established party like The Coffin Corner (marathon-parties that draw former Bills and their families) or Pinto Ron (cooks on his car), or groups of friends tailgating out the trunk of their car, pre-game festivities in Buffalo is something of a legend. It was even featured as the first-ever episode on Food Network's "Tailgate Warriors" hosted by Guy Fieri.

Yet, the NFL supposedly has plans to eliminate those tailgating parties, without technically banning them.

This post on, written by Don Tober, a key player in The Coffin Corner phenom, explains why the NFL's supposed proposed regulations would be "so dumb, rea-l-ly dumb, forreal."

I guarantee, if you take away something that is almost an institution in this city of grieving and hopeful fans, they will just find another place and another way to continue doing what they've been doing for more than 20 years.