Dear Bills: Thank You!

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Thank you for finishing the game. Thank you for taking down the Dolphins and squashing someone else's heart this time. Thank you for being the only "sunlight" on this disgustingly rainy Monday. And thank you for, above all, winning and winning big: 31-14!!!

Let's go through yesterday's game by highlighting all the things I've been right about and writing about all season.

#1: Fred Jackson was featured RB and he racked up 73 yards and 2 TDs. Have I not been saying every single week that Freddy J should be the one and only running back? I'm pretty sure I've been saying that just because Marshawn Lynch was starting RB last season that doesn't mean he deserves to start this season--he hasn't produced this season and actually loses yardage while Freddy J keeps moving until he picks up the first down. Well, finally somebody either figured this out for themselves or listened to me and the decision paid off. Way to go.

#2: Ryan Fitzpatrick started as QB for his fourth game this season, threw 246 yards under persistent rush and scrambled for 50 yards and a touchdown. I finally gave up on Trent Edwards and have been urging everyone at One Bills Drive (not that I'm particularly high on their list of who to consult about team decisions) to take him out and give Fitzpatrick a chance. Look what happens: he actually throws the ball and, like I've been saying, the more he throws the ball the more completions he completions for 136 yards between Lee Evans and Terrell Owens (51-yard TD). The game relationship he's formed with Evans and Owens is what should have emerged earlier this season but at least it's happening now.

#3: Fix the coach situation. Well, they did that and in his first home game as interim head coach, Perry Fewell captured a well-deserved and much needed win. He actually said go for it on a 4-and-1 and we converted. He put his confidence in Fitzpatrick and Fitzpatrick delivered. He authorized a 56-yard FG attempt (even after Rian Lindell missed a 44-yarder early in the game) and Lindell kicked a beautiful one directly between the posts. When your team is 3-7, why NOT make play calls like that?! I'm glad we mutually understand what it takes to win games. Oh, and the fact that he smiles and looks pissed and expresses excitement is amazinggg.

Finish the game. Every Bills fan harps on the fact that we tend to have trouble finishing games and seem to self-destruct during the fourth quarter. Yesterday, that wasn't the case. The Bills scored 24 points in the fourth quarter. Lindell broke the 14-14 tie with his 56-yard FG with 3:35 to play. The defense held Miami to a three-and-out and Fitzpatrick bombed a 51-yarder to Terrell for a TD that put us up by 10. Freddy J capped out the quarter with a TD in just over a minute to play and the defense ended Miami's last three possessions in interceptions.