02/23/2011 04:36 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hyundai 'Cures' Cramps, For A Cause

Have you ever groaned as you exit a car? You know, grunted as you swing one stiff leg onto the asphalt and utter a hefty "ughh" as the rest of your body finally frees itself? It might not happen after an eight minute drive to the grocery store, but travel for more than 30 minutes a day, God forbid a lengthy roadtrip, and things start to get a little crampy.

Hyundai has discovered a name for the crampy condition--Crampomitosis--and is taking strides to cure it, all while benefiting a great cause.

Crampomitosis has been defined by the thinkers over at Hyundai as: "Millions of compact car drivers are fighting against leg-buckling Crampomitosis, caused by a chronic lack of leg room. These choice-starved people have knees riddled with teeth marks, toes pointing in impossible directions, and seemingly no choice when it comes to a comfortable car to drive."

Obviously, Crampomitosis isn't an actual medical condition. Instead, it's Hyundai's way of giving back. Here's how it works: Hyundai is asking people to simply join the Crampomitosis "cause page" on Facebook. That simple click will automatically donate 50 cents to Americans for the Arts at no cost to the Facebook user. Users then have the option of making an additional optional donation, which Hyundai will match.

Americans for the Arts' mission is "to increase private and public resources and advance public policies that create a climate in which the arts can thrive and promote participation in the arts by all Americans."

Who knows...the next car designer might be someone who benefited from Americans for the Arts, and your click of the index finger could be to thank.

Visit the Facebook page and make a difference now!