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Alyssa Pinsker

Alyssa Pinsker

Posted: May 13, 2010 06:54 PM

Being a Broad in India: Good News and Bad News

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My semi-flirtatious but perhaps brahamachari (celibate) yoga teacher (the lack of which is an impossibility in India's romantic culture) told me that Indian women consider themselves quite young until age 40 -- and that 35 is a very good age to marry. It's not necessarily true but very good news for a 30-year-old, formerly single, ambitious, family wanting New York City female cliche.

Other good news: India's male-female ratio tops New York's. (The reasons for this are bad... being due to the fact that women are often in hiding, or purdah.)

But this last bit of new is only bad for Americans. WAYN's list of the "World's Wurst (pun intended) and Best Lovers" are out. (Reasons were only given for bad lovers.) Here it is:

German-too selfish
Swede-too quick
Dutch-too rough
USA-too dominant (#5)
Welsh-too soppy (?)
Scot-too loud
Brit-too chubby

BEST: (in order)
South Africa
New Zealand
Canada (kudos kanucks!)

I will leave no comment, but I have been accused of passport stamping. Read more in my memoir in progress "Gone Global: In Search of Sex and a Spiritual Home."