06/11/2013 02:27 pm ET Updated Aug 11, 2013

Deciding Where to Honeymoon

My fiancée and I had a really hard time deciding on a honeymoon spot. We love to travel and there are just so many places we want to visit. Yet, we've also done our fair share of globe- trotting and wanted to find a destination that would be new for us both. If you feel like you're spinning your wheels trying to pick a place, you're not alone! Here is how we narrowed down our list and finally decided where to go on our dream honeymoon.

1. Weather. We knew we wanted warm and sunny, and at all costs avoid the rainy season. We planned a beach vacation in Mexico after dating for less than a year and it rained the entire time. We learned our lesson! We look back and laugh, but it wasn't funny at the time.

2. New sights and sounds. We wanted a destination that we could experience for the first time together. That eliminated a lot of Europe since my fiancée went backpacking after college. I had also visited Greece, Italy and Spain with my sister.

3. Distance. I took two whole weeks off of work for our honeymoon and I wanted to take advantage of this time. That being said, we were up for a long plane ride! Since we're from and getting married in Miami, this meant crossing off the Caribbean since we could easily visit the islands over a long weekend.

4. Rest and relaxation. We love to sightsee but it can be exhausting. We know that we're going to be worn out after the wedding. While we do want to do some exploring, we also want time to recharge our batteries.

5. Variety of activities. My fiancée loves to surf and play golf. I love to hike, snorkel and do yoga. We also enjoy sunbathing at the pool and of course, dinner and dancing! We knew we needed to find a place with plenty to do for us both.

Ultimately, we decided on Hawaii and we leave right after our wedding! We'll be spending five nights in Maui at the Four Seasons and five nights in Kauai at the Grand Hyatt. We plan to document our entire trip and report back on our favorite highlights!

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