05/07/2013 11:59 am ET Updated Jul 07, 2013

Tips to Make a Too-Tight Wedding Venue Work

Searching for the perfect wedding venue is a mission and for some brides, it can be the most stressful part of the planning process. Quite frequently, a couple will fall in love with a space that's just a bit too cozy. Worried that your guests might not have enough elbow room? Before you cross your dream venue off the list, here are several tips that could make it work for your wedding day.

1. Who says dinner and dancing have to take place in the same room? If your venue has two separate rooms available, perhaps one a tad smaller than the other, ask to utilize both spaces. Start off with dinner in the larger area and then move the party down the hall to the smaller space for dancing.

2. Have a standing-room only ceremony. One of my favorite weddings that I attended was held in a gorgeous courtyard and everyone remained standing throughout the nuptials. It was incredibly intimate, just make sure you have a few chairs reserved up front for older relatives.

3. Need to squeeze in another table or two? Move your bar outside and take advantage of that extra space. Your guests won't mind walking a few extra steps to fill up.

4. Apply the bar approach mentioned above to the buffet if you've opted for one over a plated dinner. Just make sure your guests don't have to open any doors when walking back to their seats because their hands will be full.

5. This may be a deal breaker, but opt for a DJ versus a band to save on space...and money! A band takes up a ton of room and needs a dedicated area or a stage, while a DJ is more flexible.

6. Depending on the space, long rectangular tables might fit better than circular. You can also use a combination of both, whatever works best while leaving room for people to easily move about.

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