12/23/2013 10:31 am ET Updated Feb 21, 2014

Momentum for the New Year: Mindset Matters

Gratitude for all those at The Huffington Post for offering the momentum for all of us, to travel as a readership, to expand by all the rich content offered in each and every vertical, daily, minute by minute, editor by editor, word by word, idea by idea. That is momentum.

For this new year, I wish you a glorious, spacious, free-flowing, abundantly-rewarding and easeful productive new year. I wish for you to feel these blessings around your house, in your body as clean wise health, inside your heart and mind, in the office, within a relationship knowing each moment is truly a new beginning. As a new year, a new moment... this time means yet another chance at a new beginning, together. And as a culture-think 2013 to 2014 in Times Square... sans Dick Clark.

To quote one of my heroes, Transcendentalist scribe and exquisite thinker, Ralph Waldo Emerson:

You have done what you could -- some blunders and absurdities have crept in. Forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.

It is with this sage advice in mind that we offer up some tips at starting your new year off on an emotionally-classy, high-flying disc. For me, this year has brought to light all that was present and all I cast aside to do any actions about. I stayed stuck. I accepted less. I reflected.

With gratitude for an amazing friend, I share his metaphoric wisdoms. He so lovingly shared, that when there is a high tide, all the boats float in the sunshine and everyone is so happy, partying and enjoying the gift of the fullness of the water. But what happens when the tide goes down? It reveals what is truly present, at it's minute distillation: patched boats, rudders eaten away by rust, sails tattered and torn, ladders dangling -- and only those who are truly solvent and prepared are still wearing their bathing suits. The others, well, naked could be a good word. It is when the weather -- the optimal circumstances -- when once removed will reveal who will be the last man standing. Here we see all of our weaknesses, the truths of our choices and the summation of our actions -- the present life we are living. Each new year affords us the opportunity to make choices that lead us from a low tide kinda' naked peeps to enriched self creators who invest in futures while taking care of the present moment -- that IS THE NET WORTH of a PRESENT DAY CHOICE. Up-keeping the boat, preparing food to sustain, working hard to get a great result and living with the mindset that the process is always the destination is what you invest in, behave as, or repeat will always net you the life that you have. So bring presence, mindfulness and an attitude that lifts you from here to there -- the vibration of an abundant high-flying disc with great momentum, from the most general to the most specific of ways.

Establish a Emotional Budget.

It's easy to spend too much emotional energy and time on the thoughts, behaviors, judgments, work, ideas or limitations of others and of yourself. Time to release yourself from the bondage you create and establish a budget of balanced time, space and priority for ROI. What return on your investment (ROI) do you receive when you continually repeat a mind stream that always lands you back into that place of hurt, anger, despair, loneliness and swells an already vacuous relationship?

Wisdom: We are powerless over anyone, anything, any place or any time. We must save our emotional space, budget for the high and low tides of life- over the spanse of our lifetime and prioritize our emotional time for ourselves first. Then make amazing choices with discernment and differentiation.

Ride Your High Flying Disc Everywhere.

Not only will the height of your vibration create momentum, you will feel your life begin to architect itself by higher flying events, people and places that shape your choices as you learn to allow momentum in all it's forms to nudge you higher still. Your mood, sleep habits and overall health will improve and you will save the emotional drainage you were spending on attention to things that grow in the opposite direction of your desired feelings. It's a win-win decision.

Wisdom: Choose your disc by being the creator of a forward momentum by riding high. If you are down in the dumps... and the holidays are here... and you have no specific lover, ideal job or financial situation, perhaps even homeless, or just decided you are ending a relationship and your lover left with everything you ever held near and dear... here is how we cultivate a renewed life, with thought patterns that allow for new:

Start big, wide, vast and extremely general to entrain our hearts and minds to feel, F E E L, the feelings of what it feels to feel fullness for things like, gratitude for how your heart beats without you telling it do so, to feel the spaciousness of the sky and the wind and to know you are a part of it all; to feel the gratitude for the roof over your head; for the love of your cat, your dog, your child and feel what love feels like. TAP INTO THE FEELING of FEELING LOVE, GRATITUDE, SAFETY and ABUNDANCE anywhere, in the big broad general sense. Once you lather, rinse and repeat this, moment by moment, you vibe out love, gratitude, generosity, fullness and abundance that it begins to spill and spread to other areas of life.
The Rationale: When you feel spaciousness, that feeling alone, eventually helps you feel open and receptive to a new manner, a new language of loving, a new way to engage at work, play or in all relationships, to see something new you couldn't have felt without feeling it first, generally. Maybe you are coming out of scorned love, but to remember what love feels like in it's purest form, you may go back and feel the love of your pussy cat, your first boyfriend/girlfriend in the innocence of adolescence -- and feeling that, just feeling it attracts those who are attracted to that love vibe, and there you fly, on your disc that is high -- and then life manifests around that. And then you will find yourself expecting miracles more than you can ever imagine. It is a rewire, recalibrate and reinvent each unfolding moment as the latest greatest version of you.

Take The Bridge To Their World.
In order to live life to it's fullest, we need to cross the bridge from one mind to the other. If we wish to understand the language of the other and hear their perspective, we need to drop our perceptions, beliefs and theories and open to their world. We eat their foods of their culture, we taste new ideas, new thoughts, try on the reality they are living and tour with guideposts of effervescent discoveries, not before known. We become a cartographer of uncharted territory and use our open mind as a compass, to let go of our preconditioned mindsets and see, hear, feel, taste and touch the many unknown worlds. Here we match to their current operating system. If I am OS X Version 10.8.5 then I may not be able to understand a PC running on Microsoft Windows from 1999. So, let go, let love, let the wisdom of something greater than yourself, lead the way.

Wisdom: Freedom to be a vessel of compassion, intuition, understanding, collaboration and community help us evolve our human communication and our human connection to further take us on our soul's journey, as us. We can use the wisdom of one culture -- our world -- to enhance the culture of another, their world. We stand as micro-communities when one bridge is crossed to the other world.

My Greatest Awarenesses of 2013

Here I stand on the precipice of one world, the one lived in 2013 and all I engaged with -- with discernment and without. I stand here fully naked, in the low tide, transparent as I approach 2014, leaving all behind to open to the gifts of my awarenesses and the blessings contained there within. Join me in all your clear, causal relationships, in all your nakedness and as a community, let's move together in a sky-full of trumpet-eering high flying discs honoring the abundance of space, time and possibility.

Live Life Fully in all it's manifestations, in our own worlds, in the worlds of others and within all the skies with spaces in-between... let it open us up to the unknown. May this year, this new time, allow you to become the expert on yourself and create, notice, see, become more, get bigger still, love more, intuit more, get vast, exponentially expand to be the light you so desire.

After all, you are one in 400 trillion chances of being who you are.
Go, and Be You. Love Life. Change The World. Change All Worlds.

I'm flying high. See you in 2014.

Happy New You. Happy New Year. Happy New Now.

All my love,


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