05/24/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Kids Can Help

Top Ten Chores Kids Can't Make Excuses for Helping You With

Just like you were psyched when potty training was a success, you will be thrilled when your kids can do some stuff (albeit somewhat assisted) on their own. It'll free you up (okay, just slightly) and also, although they won't see it right away, benefit them too.

Kids who learn to tidy up early on in life tend to keep a neater home when they're older. They also find a sense of accomplishment and responsibility, which also make an impact at other times in their lives. And even though they're complaining, they definitely feel part of the family team working together. Plus there is always the idea of benefitting from a little cash in their pocket (depending on how you roll with the topic of allowance).

The best way to make it work (aside from pointing out that even the Obama girls have chores to do)? Don't expect all kids of different ages to be able to do the same task. Start slowly and let them work their way up. Here, some ideas:

1. Cleaning up toys
2. Making their beds/cleaning room
3. Walking/feeding any pet
4. Setting/clearing the table for mealtimes
5. Taking out the garbage
6. Carrying in/putting away groceries
7. Watering plants
8. Folding laundry
9. Making their lunches/snack
10. Weeding/raking

Dish with us: Do your kids help around the house?