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The Posh Mom Attempts To Maintain Poshness This Holiday Season

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Holiday time has a mom concentrating, even more so than the other eleven months, on everyone else in the family. Often, this causes her to let herself go by the wayside. Yet, the matriarch of the household can find time to do little things for sprucing her look up. Read on to make December a merry one for everyone including yourself.

Make-up That's Photo Worthy:
Whether it's a party at home with the family or an office shindig, there's bound to be cameras and a mom needs to be looking her best. Tis' the season to glitter, shimmer and shine. Celebrity Makeup Artist Sandy Linter (clients include Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Williams, and Renee Zellweger), helps us get flash ready and ready in a flash with some easy and fun tips.

All That Glitters: When using a glitter-based eyeshadow, make sure to apply your eye makeup before applying your foundation. This way any residual glitter that falls will not ruin any previous applications. Any remaining glitter can be wiped away with a gentle eye makeup remover and Q-Tip.

* A trick to making glitter eyeshadows stick is to apply a creme eyeshadow all over your eyelid. Then with your fingertips or a sponge applicator, pat on the glitter. The creme shadow helps the glitter adhere to your eyelids.

Add A Little Length: To transform your eyelashes for a more dramatic look, try Shu Uemura's False Eyelashes. When applying lashes, be sure to bend the lashes back and forth so the band is not stiff. After applying the false lashes and once the glue has dried clamp you lashes with an eyelash curler to set the look.

* When wearing fake lashes, do not use colored shadows. Instead use a neutral gold shadow on the lid, such as Lancome Filigree and contour the crease of your eye with a brown taupe shade, such as Lancome Chic; making the eyes look big and festive but not cheap!

Bright Idea: Brighter shades of lipstick always work for the holiday season. Check out Lancome's new lipstick, La Laque Fever in Raze Red or Electric Pink. Designed to have a high potency of color and unprecedented shine; this full cover lip shine will offer you up to eight hours of vibrant color even after eating that fruitcake!

Here's to hoping all the drama stays on our face, and outta the party!

Killing two Partridges

Mothering is all about multi-tasking and this time of year has us juggling to the nth degree. One combo we haven't tried, till recently however, involves exercising while cleaning.

The Clean Momma Lifestyle Program is the product of Los Angeles-based momma and exercise guru Carolyn Barnes who created a fab exercise routine that you can do while tending to your house! The program teaches you how to incorporate a fitness routine into your already hectic day: whether you have a sink full of dirty Christmas dinner dishes or a living room strewn with gift wrap and popcorn kernels, you can learn how to whip through chores while toning your tummy, thighs, and tush simultaneously.

Shortcuts to Body Beautiful:If you despise exercise yet you still want to improve your body then we have a few celeb-favored finds to help you stay lifted in spirit and in your holiday frocks.

First up, Sampar's Lift Me Up Bust Cream (the name says it all), it's formulated with all kinds of proteins, vitamins, and oils (including one of our faves, jojoba), to help firm the breast-area by reinforcing elasticity. We've been using this baby for about a month now and while there may not be any permanent improvements -- at least not so far -- there's an immediate firming effect when the cream is applied, which is often times just what you need for that little boost of confidence. For those looking to up their cup-size we're kind of totally fascinated by Talika's new Bust Serum, it claims that tests have proved that 80% of women who used their serum saw an increase of 2 to 4 cm in breast size in six weeks.

These products may not be perfect, but they're a heck of a lot more affordable than going under the knife, especially since we're strapped from our uber-successful Black Friday shopping expedition.