02/14/2012 11:54 am ET | Updated Apr 15, 2012

A Five Minute Fashion Fix: How to Cure the Frumps

Busy women can create a big style statement with a small but mighty wardrobe.

Fashion is overwhelming. And moms have little time to get ready in the morning. The result is a legion of women who have taken to wearing leisure wear as ready to wear. Every so-tired-I could-kvell mom can attest to the magnetic urge to slip into sweats, a boxy tee and skidaddle out the door to conquer her day. It's easy. It's comfortable. It's evil. Here's why. The (non) fit is addictive. Once you make sweats and other baggy apparel your go-to garb, you will never want to trade them in for "real" clothes. They are voluminous, making legs look stocky and thighs resemble tree trunks. The result is a serious case of the frump and dumps.

How to stop leisure wear in its tracks? Let's examine that mom at school who always looks "pulled together" and iconic women like Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn. They, in fact, have a common bond: a signature style. When you look closely, you see that their clothing is always a variation on a theme: a belted fit and flare dress, leggings and ballet shoes, a sheath dress with a matching jacket. Jeans and a drapey t-shirt. Their secret is to approach fashion formulaically. They have a collection of basics -- leggings and a tunic, a wrap dress, slinky tees and skinny jeans -- that they know are flattering and "work" for their body type. This "uniform" of foolproof silhouettes delivers an effortless, uncomplicated style that defines "pulled together." Though it varies from woman to woman, a uniform is comprised of versatile, dress-them-up, dress-them-down essentials that "work" for every occasion. These pieces are the tabula rasa, or blank slate, of your wardrobe. With a flattering "canvas" at the ready, time consuming guesswork and "dress stress" is eliminated from the morning mayhem. Adding eye-popping accessories like a scarf, a colorful, slouchy knit, a necklace and earrings creates another element of style to basics that express ones' personality and yields a pulled together point of view.

The system is simple. Establish THE UNIFORM, four to five easy and flattering silhouettes. These basics will be rotated daily and groovified with colorful cardigans, swingy print jackets and other eye catching LAYERING PIECES. Dynamic accessories -- long layered necklaces, gold bangles, beads, cocktail rings, an animal print belt -- are what infuses garments with WOW FACTOR and your personality. Your ability to MIX & MATCH layering pieces and wow factor will allow you to change up your look in five minutes flat. This, my friends is the secret to effortless style. A "uniform" delivers a flattering look in five minutes flat.