03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Will Santa Obama Deliver?

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the land
We hoped Santa Obama would bring fortune in hand.
Small businesses hung stockings by the chimney with care,
In hopes that stimulus funding soon would be there.

With unemployment at 10 percent, we're awake in our beds
While visions of sugar-jobs dance in our heads.
And, lately we wonder if Santa Obama is real
Will he deliver on promises; hold up his end of the deal?

Svelte and skinny we wonder if he still looks the part
For our challenges require much more than a start.
He doled out billions to Fannie and Freddie, to name but a few.
The question remains will the money find you?

He traded cash-for-clunkers and bailed out bankers in need
And did it all in a twinkling with ungovernment-like speed.
He absorbed toxic assets and with the tip of his hat
Printed U.S. money; Ben Bernanke helped with that.

He blew into Washington last winter and staved off disaster, they say
Santa Obama stabilized the economy, avoiding financial disarray.
He reinvigorated spirits and jollied-up friends overseas
Yet, with results missing we're plagued with impatience disease.

Meanwhile fat cat bankers fleece Santa and the Chinese monitor his debt
When will things get better? Likely, not yet.
Even his own elves are deserting, reports a recent poll
Santa Obama's popularity is down and it's taking a toll.

Are we losing ho-ho-hope? Maybe, but still many believe
After all, he has three more years to achieve.
Already the Nobel Peace Prize Committee exalted his lore
And the Salahis crash gates to glimpse the one they adore.

For in 2010, he promises prosperity is on the way
At this high unemployment rate we will surely not stay.
He'll sprinkle jobs with infrastructure, weatherization, and small business loans
The government will purchase hundreds of new Air Force drones.

His workshop is busy; Rahm "Emmanuel" is making lists and checking them twice
Pay czar Ken Feinberg is finding out which CEOs have been naughty or nice.
Bernie Madoff, who made-off with billions, will be getting a lump of coal
And Goldman Sachs, despite doing "God's work," will drop from the dole.

Confidence is faltering; yes, this much is true
But there's no time for bah-humbugs with so much to do.
So to the White House Jobs Summit his reindeer they came
And he gave speeches, and shouted, and called them by name!

Now Biden! Now Geithner! Now, Hillary and Gates!
On, Axelrod! On, Summers! On, Romer and Gibbs!
To the top of the Dow Jones! To the top of the world

After all, Santa Obama is too big to fail.