03/24/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Consumer Power: A Silver Lining in the Supreme Court's Radical Ruling?

January 21, 2010. A day that makes me feel as though we are living our very own Star Wars Episode 3. For all the wonderful people and places in Washington, DC, let's face it, Bush's legacy is still making our government seem more and more like the Death Star. With the Supreme Court's radical decision in Citizens United v. FEC, a new world order seems upon us, or is it?

Consumer Ally Mitch Lipka
, who is used to taking on the nefariousness or snafus of corporations, agreed to answer some of my most freaked out questions about what this ruling means:

Will future candidates running for public office have to wear NASCAR jumpsuits with corporate logos all over them?

What can consumers do to resist these influences if our Congress fails at passing legislation to combat this ruling?

To my surprise, Mitch provided a silver lining to the whole thing. To read the interview, go to "Consumer Power" on

The Declaration of Independence says "that all men are created equal." Anyone who's ever dealt with a failed product or the world's most annoying customer service knows that not all corporations are created equal...