03/12/2009 12:33 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

WATCH: The Love of Free Stuff, and How to Get It

In better economies, the word "free" seemed to mean there was a catch. Nothing is free, nothing: no free lunch, free tickets to the opera, or free beer. If you heard any of those things, it was usually from someone trying to lock you into buying a vacation timeshare.

Today, things are different. Free is the buzzword du jour, and its music to the ears. WalletPop went out to the Financial District to investigate this growing sensation over free stuff, who's giving it, and how to get it, and we found some interesting answers at the Free Store--an art exhibition open for a limited time where everything is...FREE. (Including a Prada bag. But was it real?). Watch the video and check out these 10 best ways to get stuff free, from

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