02/16/2011 11:27 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Most Interesting Photographers on Flickr (Vol. 1)

As a veteran photographer of two decades, I've seen the industry go through some dramatic changes. But nothing more dramatic than the birth of digital photography.

We're now a decade deep into the Digital Age of photography, and it's never been more interesting. Gone are the days when photographers with the most expensive tools dominate the market. Today, anyone with a digital camera and a Photoshop application can call themselves a photographer, and as a result, there are more "photographers" than ever before.

So how does a new generation of truly talented photographers break away from the crowd and rise to the top?

Much like other overcrowded creative industries in the digital age, it's survival of the fittest. The kind of survival that is determined by an ability to explore well beyond the borders of imagination. Browse Flickr on any given day and you'll see thousands of new image posts from around the world. Within the the millions of images stored on Flickr, there are rare gems from the most interesting visual artists the photography world has ever seen.

The following list is the first installment (Volume 1) of The Most Interesting Photographers on Flickr.

Most Interesting Photographers on Flickr (Vol. 1)