06/17/2009 11:39 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Iran Crisis Temporarily Disrupts CNN's Jon and Kate Coverage

CNN apologized to viewers last night after a story about the political crisis in Iran temporarily disrupted its 24-hour coverage of the "Jon and Kate Plus 8" reality show.

The disruption occurred during a broadcast of "Larry King Live" in which the host, Larry King, who was interviewing comedian Kathy Griffin about "Jon and Kate" at the time, inexplicably tossed to a story about Iran instead.

Viewers were forced to watch a story about the political unrest in Iran for several minutes before CNN returned to its regular programming.

CNN sources revealed that the network was "flooded" with calls from viewers outraged about the unprecedented disruption of its "Jon and Kate" coverage.

At CNN offices in New York, a top executive said that the network brass was going to "resist the urge to engage in finger-pointing over the unfortunate incident."

"We all know that we let out viewers down," said CNN operations chief Tracy Klujian. "We just have to see to it that it never happens again."

"Our motto is, 'the most trusted name in Jon and Kate news,' and we take that very seriously," he added.

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