Palin's Debate Performance Sponsored by Mad Libs™

10/02/2008 07:17 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In a precedent-setting case of corporate involvement in a nationally televised political debate, Mad Libs™ announced today that it was sponsoring Gov. Sarah Palin's answers in her vice-presidential face-off with Delaware senator Joseph Biden.

In exchange for the exclusive sponsorship, Mad Libs™ agreed to provide Gov. Palin with a special Mad Libs™ edition composed entirely of answers to vice-presidential debate questions.

"We are happy as a [kind of shellfish] to be sponsoring Governor Palin's [synonym for idiotic] answers, which are guaranteed to show the American people just how [synonym for gigantic] a [type of ape] she is," said Mad Libs™ spokesperson Carol Foyler.

While Mad Libs™ refused to reveal the entire collection of answers they provided to Gov. Palin, they did offer one example: "I believe that if [synonym for evildoers] were found to be hiding in [name of country], America should take [synonym for strong] action to make certain that they don't [synonym for blow up] us."

Sen. John McCain said he was "cautiously optimistic" that the Mad Libs™ answers would help his running mate, but added, "If they don't, I'm totally [synonym for having had sexual intercourse]."

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