Poll: 36% Think Health Reform Is a Good Idea; 42% Unsure What the Word "Idea" Means

08/19/2009 11:35 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A new survey released today indicates the steep challenges facing the Obama administration in selling its health care reform proposals to the American people, as 36% agree that health reform is a good idea while 42% are unsure what the word "idea" means.

The concept of a public option divided those polled, with 35% believing that "public option" referred to actor Eric Dane's recent sex tape.

Among reform opponents, a full 64% said they would approve of a plan only if it included free semiautomatic weapons for all Americans.

The survey also revealed some surprising misconceptions about health in general, with 12% defining menopause as "the break a prostitute takes between customers." More here.