12/08/2010 06:42 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Wealthiest .0000001% Hail Tax Deal

GENEVA (The Borowitz Report) -- President Obama's deal to extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich drew rave reviews today from the wealthiest .0000001% of Americans, who pronounced the deal "a total home run."

"When we first heard about the deal, we were like, this is too good to be true," said multibillionaire Thurston Howell IV, a spokesman for the richest .0000001%. "But when our butlers read the plan aloud to us during the cocktail hour, we were incredibly stoked."

The 29 plutocrats who make up the nation's wealthiest .0000001% were at their annual meeting at Mr. Howell's villa in Geneva, Switzerland when news of the President's deal was first released.

"Bill Gates and Warren Buffett were the first to hear about it, and then the news just kind of trickled down, if I may use a favorite phrase of ours," Mr. Howell said.

"The President deserves credit for recognizing what the wealthiest .0000001% have known for years," he added. "Our cost of living has soared astronomically, especially when you consider how expensive it's gotten to control the outcome of elections."

In response to critics who have said that Mr. Obama's decision to extend the tax cuts represents a change in his position, Mr. Howell said, "If I may coin a phrase, that's change I can believe in."

Elsewhere, to commemorate Pearl Harbor, Republicans attacked someone from Hawaii and won. More here.

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