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Ay Carly! Meeeoooowww!

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What do California Senate candidate Carly Fiorina and "Maude" star Bea Arthur have in common? The same goofy 70's hairstyle. But that didn't stop the sharp-tongued former Hewlett-Packard CEO from mocking her Democratic opponent, Sen. Barbara Boxer: "God, what's with that hair? Sooooooo yesterday!" The gaffe was made Wednesday as Fiorina was prepping for a television interview in Los Angeles and thought the mic was off. Catty is as catty does...

Fiorina should know better than to attack someone's appearance. Her own short, choppy hair is the result of chemotherapy following a bout with breast cancer. If anyone should be sensitive to personal groomimg issues it's her. But Fiorina, whose snarky comment recalls her brash HP days, is guilty of the standard Republican hypocrisy. Yes, Republicans can even be hypocrites about their own hair. Politically, they're nasty, derisive and divisive. Their motto? "Do as I say, not as a I do." Which explains why Fiorina feels comfortable criticizing Boxer's hairstyle when, in my opinion, Babs' 'do looks a helluva lot nicer than her own. But Repubs are colossal hypocrites. That's what they do. Kinda like 90's Crusaders Newt Gingrich, Bob Barr, Bob Livingston and Henry Hyde crucifying Bill Clinton over marital indiscretions as they're bangin' their own mistresses. They apparently never got the "Republicans in glass houses shouldn't thrown stones" memo.

Come November, voters in California will have a choice to make: a 5-term Congresswoman and high-ranking 3-term U.S. Senator, or, a catty former corporate CEO (of dubious performance) who seems more concerned about her opponent's hairstyle than two wars, the economy and the BP oil spill. Fiorina's comments about Boxer weren't just about hair, they were harebrained...