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The Political Ad Every Senior Citizen Should See

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The election is just days away, and the polls indicate that the race for the White House between President Obama and Mitt Romney is way too close to call. There are those on the left who obsessively analyze the electoral math and confidently predict Obama's re-election, while those on the right maintain that it's Romney who has all the momentum and a fired-up base.

A couple of things are clear: Obama has the black, Hispanic, youth, women and college-educated male vote, while his Republican challenger leads with blue-collar voters, non-college educated males and a solid chuck of the wealthiest Americans. The group that still seems up for grabs though is senior citizens. Romney leads in the 65+ age group, which is an astounding fact given that he and his vice presidential running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan, would gut Medicare, the government guaranteed health insurance program for seniors, and send old folks into the private insurance market shopping for coverage.

Seniors need to understand what's at stake in a Romney/Ryan administration. That the Republican ticket would end Medicare as we know it, turning it into a costly and confusing voucher program, as the above ad warns. A plan which the Congressional Budget Office says will increase seniors' medical costs by an average $6400 per year.

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