01/10/2009 09:52 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Frank Sinatra is a singer we should check out, says Bono in the New York Times. Thanks Bono

In the op-ed section of tomorrow's New York Times, U2's Bono writes with urgency about a musical titan that sums up today's difficult times. A collosal talent that has much to tell us about this recessionary year we are about to live through. And it's not a piece about Bono. (At least, I don't think it is).

It's about a singer that gets too little recognition. Maybe you've forgotten his name. Well Bono's got something to tell ya.

You have to check out some music by this guy called Frank Sinatra. You might not realize this, says Bono, but he was a heck of a singer.

And he should know, because Bono has listened to his records and met him and everything.

This is the sort of thing Frank Sinatra - remember that name - told Bono when the pair partied at Sinatra's house in Palm Springs.

"My ego is even bigger than yours."

Not sorry, that's not what he said. He said this:

""Jazz is about the moment you're in. Being modern's not about the future, it's about the present."


The reason Bono, sorry Frank Sinatra, is great, says Bono is he understood pain. Have you heard his second version of My Way? You thought it was a chest beating paen to self regard only beloved of self centered, soppy drunks on New Year's Eve?

Wrong. It's about duality.

Sinatra "understood duality, " says Bono.

"He had the talent to hear two opposing ideas in a single song, and the wisdom to know which side to reveal at which moment."

Which explains why Sinatra recorded the song twice. Or maybe it doesn't.

Bono, who as an artist in Ireland, doesn't have to pay taxes, understands what the world needs as it stands on the edge of financial collapse.

More drunk guys singing along to My Way by Frank Sinatra.

"This is our moment" says Bono.

Guiness anyone?