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Radical Idea! Let's Use Technology to Genuinely Help People

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Yuletide message alert!

During troubled times it's easy to lose perspective.

As companies are lionized and richly rewarded for the latest tweak in the field of consumer electronics, it's easy to forget that there are many for whom basic technologies are still hopelessly out of reach.

And while the financial world struggles with a terrifying debt crisis, it's easy to overlook concerns just as pressing and even more fundamental.

Over two billion people on planet earth -- many in sub-Saharan Africa -- still have limited and in some cases no access to electricity.

They've nothing to power basic needs such as lighting, cooking and cleaning, as well as the need for information and communication.

A further 1.4 million die each year from the smoke generated by burning solid fuel for heat and light, the only source of energy for 90 percent of people in the region. The death toll is greater than that caused by malaria.

Now a new organtization has decided to try to help get people the technology they need to improe their lives.

Energy Aid is a partnership between IBM and the charity Practical Action, which hopes to provide much needed resources to those struggling to escape "energy poverty."

Their aim is to get money, resources and organization to the areas that need it most with a mix of private and governmental funding.

Energy Aid is trying to power human progress in some of the most backward places on earth. If you get a chance have a look at this infographic I made for them. I would love to know what you thought.

Have a great holiday season.