04/28/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Susan Boyle will destroy Simon Cowell's unstoppable career

Simon Cowell is on an unbelieveable roll. One of the highest paid TV execs of all time - he's worth around $175million - he is about to launch his new show The X Factor in the US and marry his fiance Mezhgan Hussainy.

It seems that this modern day Icarus can fly as close to the sun as he wishes. His wings will never melt.

Or will they?

I have two words for Simon Cowell: Susan Boyle.

The troubled singer is a mess. Last night her brother admitted to People magazine that his sister needs "24 hour care. "

Gerry Boyle said: "She needs to be looked after.

"The travelling and the whole [fame] thing is exhausting. She still has her anxieties," he added.

In an earlier interview he confirmed that she was experiencing "crushing loneliness."

Until 2007, the 48 year old singer, who suffered from learning difficulties as a child, lived with her mom in a small council house in Scotland. Since April last year, her life has become unrecognisable: a whirlwind of international celebrity.

The resulting cracks in her psyche are impossible to ignore.

After losing Britain's Got Talent she went to the Priory clinic suffering from exhaustion. Four days later she was moved to an apartment and put under the care of Dr Sarah Lotzof. Since an intruder broke into her Scottish home, she has a 24 hour guard stationed on her front door. (Is it to keep intruders out, or her in?) Last month, she was caught attempting to polish strangers shoes with a mop while shouting obscenities in an airport lounge. Last week, she collapsed en route to the South of France.

Susan Boyle is not in control of her vehicle. And if - or rather when - she crashes out for good, who are the public likely to hold responsible? The one person who has benefitted most from her sudden, stratospheric fame.

Simon Cowell.

He might argue that Britain's Got Talent and American Idol are "just talent shows" but he must be aware that he has put a fragile personality in a situation that - in all probability - will destroy her.

Simon, stop this madness before a human being's life is all but ruined. If you won't, I hope you can live with the consequences.

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