07/02/2010 07:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Why Has Angelina Jolie Got Herself A New Tattoo?

What the hell is it with all the tattoos?

Angelina Jolie has added yet another tattoo to her collection. You can see it here.

Her latest inking is a decorative swirl on the inside of her left arm. To the untrained eye, it looks like the tattoo artist has made a mistake.

Ange's new tattoo is positioned next to her elbow, near another tattoo of the roman numeral for 13 (a reference to how many children she plans to have? Just kidding!)

She flashed the tat when she waved to fans during the launch of her new movie Salt, while she was in Cacun Mexico.

But why the new ink? Is Jolie attempting to copy the look of Michelle Bombshell McGee, the tattooed paramour of Jesse James, aka Mr Sandra Bullock? Surely there is a limit to the amount of ink a body can take and still look good? Do happy people get dozens of tattoos?

And what do all these tattoos mean?

Psychologoists have linked adolescent tattoos with "dangerous and sometimes lethal risk-taking behavior, eating disorders, self-loathing, substance abuse, depression and social alienation," says Psychology Today. If you are scarred on the inside, why not represent that scar on the outside too?

Others have argued tattoos are a bid for identity and a way to control the body.

But does it look good? And how many tattoos are too many tattoos? Is Angelina intent on scribbling herself out? What do you think?