Exclusive Video of Dolphins in the Long Island Sound!

06/29/2009 03:31 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Dolphins are very rarely seen in the Long Island sound, but they were this weekend and I happened to have a digital camera to catch a group of the marine mammals.

I was out on my 24 foot sloop with my co-captain Jack Mann on Sunday afternoon (6/28) and taped this video. We were between the Kings Point Merchant Marine Academy and the Throgs Neck Bridge.

With Jack at the tiller, navigating between the dolphins, I leaned over the bow with a low-end Nikon and took this video.

Here is more on the rare sighting of the dolphins in yesterday's Newsday.

Having sailed this area of the sound for four decades, this was my first sighting. Some veterans recall dolphins in the area 30 years ago.

Let's hope it's a good sign for the vitality of our area waters for marine life.

Andy Plesser