07/03/2011 04:35 pm ET | Updated Sep 02, 2011

VIDEO: "Reach for Success" Sending Dozens of Vieques' Young People to College

Reach for Success, an organization dedicated to the success of Vieques' young people through mentoring and leadership training, has helped scores of young people go on to college through preparation and financial assistance.

The organization also helps the island's youth navigate a number of social issues.

Vieques.TV had the opportunity to speak with several current and past participants in the program.  

Reach for Success relies on contributions which are tax deductible. Contributions are greatly appreciated.

Note: After this video opens with a message from the president of the club, several members speak about their dreams.  The 6-minute segment ends with Carmen Portela Weir, who founded Reach for Success in 2006.


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