Remembering My Dad, Who Died of Prostate Cancer

06/20/2011 12:45 am ET | Updated Jun 04, 2013

I feel really sorry for so many of us who have lost their dads, brothers and friends to prostate cancer. I lost my dad 13 years ago to the disease.

I really miss him today, as do Kathy and the kids.

We are publishing this video today from the Prostate Cancer Foundation, a beautiful, 60-second spot that is running as a pre-roll public service announcement on a bunch of premium video.

Thanks to the folks at Horizon Media for managing this campaign and making the video available to Beet.TV. We are delighted to publish it today, on Father's Day.

Check out this video (in full screen, ideally). And please make sure the guy you love is checked out regularly for the disease, which is often treatable when detected early.

Happy Father's Day, all.