How to Survive the Big Game

02/02/2014 10:04 am ET | Updated Apr 04, 2014

Just when you thought you finally got a hold of this whole "diet" and working out thing after all of the holiday madness, it's time for the Big Game. Since some of these football games turn into day-long affairs, if you cannot make it to the gym or outside for a good sweat, get in a fun workout with your friends while you enjoy the game. Get up and get moving rather than sitting down and munching on snacks all night! Below you will find "The Big Game Workout" that you can do with your friends while still enjoying all of the football fun.

The Big Game Workout

Touchdown Jump Squats
When the opposing team makes a touchdown, get up out of your seat and get ready to perform eight jump squats. Start with your feet slightly angled out, shoulder-width apart. Then drop your glutes down so you are in a squat position. Jump up enough so that your feet leave the ground and softly land back in the squat position.

Incomplete-Pass Pushups
When your team makes an incomplete pass, drop down into a plank position with your hands and balls of your feet as the contact points on the floor. If this is too difficult, you can perform the pushups on your knees. Make sure to keep your back in a straight line and bring your chest down as low as possible. Keep your eyes looking forward during each repetition.

Timeout Hustle
When your team calls a time out, stand up and quickly begin to move your feet in place as fast as you can. Bring your hands up in front of you and slightly bend your knees. Try to do this for the duration of the time out.

Interception Calf Raises
When the opposing team makes an interception, stand up and place feet directly underneath you. Rise up on to the balls of your feet and squeeze your calf muscles while performing a standing calf raise. Perform for 25 repetitions and make sure to stretch your calves out when you are done with the move.

Field-Goal Kicks
When the opposing team makes a field goal, perform eight alternating front kicks per leg.