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Michael Bennet Is Securing Our Future

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As a former educator, I know firsthand how important it is to Colorado's future to recruit the highest quality teachers in the world.

So I'm proud that our Senator, Michael Bennet, has gone to bat for our veterans and our children by co-sponsoring the "Troops to Teachers Enhancement Act." This legislation will expand an innovative program that encourages our veterans to become teachers.

Senator Bennet is proving every day that he has the legislative skills Colorado and our country need. He has the unique ability to become a national leader in strengthening our country's education system. His leadership on the Troops for Teachers Enhancement Act proves that truly innovative solutions aren't necessarily partisan ones.

With your signature, we can stand with Senator Bennet and show the Senate how much Coloradans value innovative ideas to improve our education system.

After my amazing political journey in 2006, I took on a new role, working with the company Pathways to Leadership. I've traveled the world, working to inspire innovations in leadership and creating personal and organizational greatness. I've learned a lot about leadership during the journeys I've taken.

That's why I admire Michael's ability as a leader to improve and reform our country's education system. Senator Bennet is proving every day he has what it takes to lead, both here at home, and on our behalf in the United States Senate.

As Senator Ted Kennedy's replacement on the vitally important Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee, Michael is in a unique position to be a partner with President Obama to bring change.

I'm proud to join President Obama in supporting Michael's election. From standing up for victims of hate crimes, to months of campaigning across Colorado for a public option health care reform plan, Michael Bennet has been an effective voice for Colorado Democrats.

It's crucial we keep Michael in the Senate to continue fighting for important legislation like Troops for Teachers. I hope that you will join me in supporting him on this critical piece of legislation .