07/23/2010 01:47 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Cool Pads: The House That Mel Gibson Did Not Scream in

Yesterday, Gawker filled the fiber optic tubes with a blustering post describing the house where Mel Gibson did all his screaming and slapping around of Oksana.

It was a guaranteed search engine darling. The tapes that Oksana made that have been dribbling out on have sent web traffic soaring. As expected, the Gawker post was picked up widely, including by reputable websites such as this one.

Only one problem, folks: I think they got the wrong house.

The house they ran photos of and described in great detail is the marital home Mel shared with long-time wife Robyn. It's a pretty sure bet that Oksana never stepped inside it, and while we're not saying Mel Never Screamed Here, he sure as heck never screamed at his baby mama here. To the best of our knowledge, Mel and Robyn talk through lawyers these days and she is still in the house.

That house came on the market last March at $14.5 million.

The house where Oksana most likely made her tapes is the one in Sherman Oaks that Gibson bought for her. He has listed that for sale as well - at $2,405,000. No sense housing Barbie when the Ken doll has moved on.

Mel owns lots of property and more than one home in the area, including David Duchovny's old house in Malibu, which he picked up for about $11 million while Duchovny was being treated for "sex addiction" out of state. Gibson moved out of his marital home and into that place with Oksana just before buying her a place of her very own (but in his name). Is that where he was when he launched into rages? I think the larger question is: Why does this matter, even to a search engine?