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What's Missing From Facebook? (Besides Privacy)

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On the day after Valentine's, I suspect we are all maxxed out on the love stuff. But there's one place on the planet where love just doesn't exist, according to a boomer from Malibu, and she aims to do something about it. "Facebook needs a love button," says Pamela Conley Ulich, a lawyer-activist-city councilwoman and mommy blogger.

Ulich's campaign began innocently enough at the local See's Candy store, a busy place in the days before Valentine's Day. She was standing in line behind a young man who "literally began to stammer" when the store clerk asked him if she should put an "I Love You" sticker on his heart-shaped box of candy.

"He mentally debated for a full 10 minutes and then just kind of shook his head 'no,'" Ulich says. "A love sticker was more than he could handle and it got me thinking, 'This is the same generation that brought us Facebook and guess what Facebook doesn't have either!' "

Bingo! The "Show Me The Love Button" campaign was born. "Why can you only 'Like' something on Facebook?" she asks. "Why can't I 'Love' it?"

Calls to Facebook went unanswered. And for at least the time being, all you can do is "Like" the page.