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Considering the Dog

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Some weekend thoughts on Hammond, the dog, who is patiently watching me while I write about him. He knows that, as soon as I'm finished, we'll go outdoors until suppertime.

1) When he and his littermate brothers, who live nearby, reunite, as they often do, they howl with joy upon seeing each other, and play until they're winded.

2) He is a kindred spirit who has shared my love of baseball, in his own way, since he was a puppy.

3) He is the soul of patience at the coffee shop....

4) ...and at Christmastime, during the approximately five seconds he wore antlers last December.

5) Like his big friend Max, he is descended from wolves. He loves the snow.

6) If he's not running, playing, or eating, he'd really rather be sleeping. When he is, the old adage applies: let him lie. On his second birthday, all of the above. Happy birthday, little friend, and many more to come.