10/25/2013 06:16 pm ET Updated Dec 25, 2013

Cam McDaniel, Jonathan Daniel, and a Picture That Doesn't Need Words

Cam McDaniel, his helmet knocked off, holds onto the ball.
photo courtesy of and © Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Last Saturday, October 19, running back Cam McDaniel helped Notre Dame beat USC in a 14-10 home football victory. He rushed for 92 yards, a career high for the junior from Coppell, Texas. And, in one of the tackles by USC, McDaniel lost his helmet -- though not the football. McDaniel happened to be looking right at longtime Getty Images staff sports photographer in Chicago, Jonathan Daniel, just after he did, and Daniel did what he's been doing so well for so many decades: he got the shot.

The shot increasingly heard 'round the world has garnered McDaniel a tremendous amount of attention. Over the past week, he's become a serious internet sensation; he's been memed, if that's a verb (it shouldn't be, but I fear it is); and most recently he was the subject, or rather the slightly uncomfortable but still-poised, object, of a rather drooly interview on Today. Professional football teams may be interested in McDaniel, but so are, I'd bet, organizations like Fusion, Ford, and Click.

Based upon his own personal internet presence, on Twitter, McDaniel is a young man devoted to his fiance Stephanie, family, football, faith, and fun times with college friends. This afternoon, he retweeted a note from Today show co-host Carson Daly, thanking McDaniel and his fiancee for "handling our drooling ladies this am[.]"

Doubtless there's more to come, but so far McDaniel has handled his sudden celebrity with personable charm and good humor. Jonathan Daniel has wondered, also on Twitter, if any photo he's ever taken has gotten so much attention. Take a look at some of his other work, and see for yourself here.

*Author's note: while not related, to my knowledge, to Cam McDaniel, I happily claim him as a distant relative. I am indeed related to Jonathan Daniel. All the Daniels who are can vouch for his capability in capturing beauty, generally at family reunions, with his camera. Great shot, Jonathan.