Wealth School: Why Wisdom, Wonder and Gratitude Matter

06/21/2011 08:25 am ET | Updated Aug 21, 2011

If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is "thank you," that would suffice.
-- Meister Eckhart

You could say, all very well for Meister Eckhart. In his time, he probably did not have all the stress and difficulties you have in modern life. This is probably true. However, it is likely he would have faced other challenges in his era that you do not.

Have you noticed the wisdom in small children? Their innocence can reveal truth hidden by a older disenchanted mind. What is it about their innocence? Surely it is a combination of curiosity and openness to learn. Those qualities do not have to abandon us as we grow older. In fact, as we mature (different than simply aging) our inquiring mind can develop new avenues of interest and exploration. Actually, helping to keep us young.

A friend when asked "what is wisdom?" replied: Practice, practice, practice. I understood that to mean that as we engage with life and learn from it with an open heart, we grow our wisdom. Any action you take will give you a result. If a result was not what you wanted. you can learn from it.

Wisdom has the components of both loving and humor. So how is wisdom useful to us? How does wisdom serve our wealth?

Loving and humor are two great qualities that will serve us in creating more material wealth we would like. How? When we connect with our inner resources of loving and humor we gain access to new thought, fresh ideas and healthier relationships with others. We are on the way to becoming more productive, effective and free to create our best life, because we are in a better state of flow, less restricted or limited in our outlook.

Our existing relationships will be enriched by our loving and humor. We will also attract others who are drawn to us. A loving frame of mind and sense of humor make us more attractive. You will find it easier to negotiate your way into a better job, a pay increase, setting up a small business. None of us is an island. We need others, as they need us.

Back to gratitude. Gratitude is the door that opens your heart to the fullness already present and available in your life. However rough life may be, you can probably find a few things each day that you appreciate and are grateful for. What are they?

Have you ever tried keeping a gratitude journal and writing down each day what you are grateful for? Maybe there are things you forget about but make a big difference in your life, like having hot and cold water, heating in the winter, friends and family who love you, money for food, a job that enriches you, hobbies that entertain you, books to read. Nothing world shattering, perhaps, but there are many who do not enjoy such basic things.

The more you count your blessings, the more blessings you may find you have. Gratitude grows. It will give you the feeling of fullness which in turn can lead you to wonder, because you lift yourself out of a contracted point of view. Doubt can be turned into wonder. That is to say, you can train yourself to be open to the best ways that life may unfold for you in the future, no matter how things look today.

Wonder invites an openness to greater possibilities and opportunities. Wonder offers a quality of positive anticipation, even when indications appear to the contrary.

Have you ever had an extraordinary experience about which you said: How on earth did that happen? Perhaps someone gave you a gift from out of the blue, or you were offered a job that was better than your wildest dreams, or you met the love of your life, just when you thought you were destined to be alone for ever.

A few years ago, I was living in not the ideal circumstances for me, but decided I would make a point to be grateful for it all anyway. I kept looking for the good in and around me, and not give attention to my senses of disappointment, frustration or lack. Amazingly, my fortunes changed in the most fantastic way and I found myself living in new circumstances that were really a dream come true. Every evening before I go to sleep, I give thanks for this turn in events -- to whoever may be listening.

Donnac406 responding to a recent article "Wealth School: Lessons in Trust and Truth" wrote:

there are lots and lots of ordinary working people with lives that intersect mine and leave me enriched.

last week i had surgery for breast cancer. every single person on the twenty odd team that worked with me were profession­al, compassion­ate and humorous. their attitude helped to create my sense of well-being­.

this week i took four boxes of chocolates to my check-up. the medium one went to my surgeon. the doctor kind of danced down the hall telling his nurses 'this is for me!' then he set the box on the counter and invited all to share.

i went to the hospital and gave the biggest box to the nursing station. they had made me a birthday card and i wrote my note of thanks on that. there were smiles and ooh's and aah's all round.

small boxes went to nuclear medicine and ultra-soun­d. i got hugs and kisses and smiles.

i believe every person, including me, were a little richer (and fatter?) that day. so thanks, anne, for helping me remember where my true and lasting wealth resides.

I hope you enjoy this exquisite short film from the "Soul Biographies" series by Nic Askew.
Amo La Vida

How have wisdom, wonder and gratitude played out in your life? I would love to know.

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Wishing you health, wealth and happiness -- in all of the many ways it can come to you!