11/07/2012 02:01 pm ET | Updated Jan 07, 2013

Divine Friendship

Friendship is probably the most valued of all relationships because a friend is totally our own choice. Parents and relatives are not chosen but given to us. That also has its own inherent value. However, a friend is someone who speaks to our heart, someone with whom we feel a magnetic affinity. When there is a mutual response between two people who are becoming friends, then a relationship can last a lifetime, or even beyond a lifetime!

Friendship is the coming together of equals. Even if there is a difference in abilities, roles or positions, there is a vision of equality that does not allow any feeling of either superiority or inferiority. This equality of vision permits a complete acceptance of one another.

This creates closeness. There is such a respectful closeness that neither intrudes on the personality of the other, nor does either one harbor distaste for any weakness seen. Since the vision is unlimited, the true goodness of the other is always held as the measure of their reality. Weaknesses are seen as something foreign which, at the appropriate time, will make their exit.

Real friends can never divorce. There is a love that not only accommodates any shortcoming but actively transforms it with a word of encouragement, a smiling patience, an act of kindness. With a friend you do not have to prove yourself, for you are loved and accepted for what you are, and what you are is enough. There is no need for any special achievements. All that a friend asks is that you be yourself. A friend is a friend for all time, when there is a need for support or a moment of joy to share. Good times or bad, a friend is ever present, ready to share, to serve, to listen or just to be there.

Friends always have a deep closeness to each other even if physically they are apart. This companionship conquers distance, time, and in fact any kind of separation. Their mutual empathy is the basis of their communication. This communication is something more than just speaking; it is the ability to listen to the other's feelings, to tune one's self to the other's being. Such true communication allows for the purest interaction because there is a mirror of clarity where nothing can remain obscure. Nothing can be twisted or misunderstood.

Friendship means availability. A friend is available at all times and never says "I don't have time," "wait," "later," or "don't bother me now." When there is need, a friend rushes to be there.

Every confidential word entrusted to a friend is sacred and sealed from the eyes and ears of others.
Absolutely nothing would induce him or her to betray the friend's trust. Trust is an alliance between two hearts which have learnt through experience that this alliance can never be broken or betrayed. Trust dispels all fear of being misused or being abandoned.

God is the most trustworthy of friends. Unfortunately, this experience of God's friendship has been lost. Too often we are presented with the picture of God only as the Father and Judge. This is not a balanced or true picture at all, for God is also the Mother, the Beloved, the Teacher and the Guide, but especially He is our personal Friend and this friendship permeates all our other relationships with Him.

With God as a friend we can be open and know that in that openness there is a loyalty and an understanding of everything that is within our hearts. Though we have many other relationships with Him, He is always our Friend. This brings lightness and easiness to all our relationships with God.

It is said that a friend of God is a friend of all. Friendship with God teaches us and inspires us to be a true friend to others.

In true friendship there is respect and co-operation. This creates a unity essential for peaceful coexistence. A true friendship, but especially God's, is a blessing for eternity.

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