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Al Gore Endorses Carbon Reduction Surcharge

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This afternoon, former Vice President Al Gore endorsed Los Angeles' green energy plan, the Carbon Reduction Surcharge, calling it "one of the most forward-thinking clean energy plans" he has ever seen.

To have someone of his stature endorse this plan means a great deal. After all, it is largely thanks to him and his leadership that we are as far along in the fight against climate change and global warming as we are today. And it is his courageous leadership and dedication to raising awareness about the dangers of pollution that compels to do more to green our planet and invest in a sustainable future.

His endorsement also illustrates the importance of investing in green energy. Not only will this investment create jobs, it will also stimulate the economy at a time when we need it most.

Civic and environmental leaders from around Los Angeles were also at today's announcement to show their support for this plan that is the catalyst the DWP needs to truly become a clean utility and spur creation of 18,000 green jobs.

I know that times are tough and in this economy it is difficult to ask anyone to pay more for their electricity. But our resolve to invest in our future must be strong. As Vice President Gore said, it is our civic duty to invest in our society for the benefit of future generations. The Carbon Reduction Surcharge is our opportunity to invest in our future, create jobs and put LA on a path to a sustainable future.

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