05/27/2010 03:20 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Backlot Is Back! Universal's New Shooting Locations Are Great for LA

Today I stood with Governor Schwarzennegger and Steven Spielberg at the opening of the newly renovated Universal Studios backlot shooting location. It was a great day for Los Angeles and a great day for the entertainment industry - we couldn't have staged it better even, if Steven Spielberg was behind the camera.

When an unfortunate accident occurred two years ago that destroyed the backdrop to countless memorable big screen moments, creative and dedicated minds collaborated to bring to us a new and improved 4 acre, 13 city block filming location. Today, we celebrated the success of their collective work and celebrated the industry and the talent that make this City so unique.

The entertainment industry is the backbone and birthplace of our City's success. It is an industry that employs an estimated 250,000 people in LA county and represents a first-class economic anchor. It is has never been more important to keep our signature industry, its legacy and the thousands of jobs it produces, here at home.

This site at Universal offers a wealth of creative opportunities for Hollywood moviemaking and television production in Los Angeles and it is here in LA that tourists from around the world will visit to satisfy their curiosity and fascination with the behind the scenes magic of the movie and television industry.

We all know Los Angeles is the entertainment capitol of the world, and we are proud of that distinction and have every intention of keeping it. Congratulations Universal Studios on an impressive new backlot that I'm confident will entertain well into the future!