Dear Williamsburg Waterfront

06/22/2010 06:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I had a nice time at the Band of Horses/Grizzly Bear/Karen Elson show on Sunday night. Good sound, great pizza margherita from Roberta's.

But I have a big bone to pick with you. Why did you quarantine fans who wanted to drink (i.e. spend money on the refreshments that you were selling) off to the side and the way back while those who didn't drink got much closer to the stage? And then why were there huge open spaces between the two groups?

Readers of this post might not know what I'm talking about, so here's my attempt at a panoramic picture.


And here's the big crowd of drinker-fans (criminals?) behind all that open space, and not one, but two barricades. Not only do they seem to be enjoying the music, but they also appear to know the words to the songs! It's a shame the band couldn't see them.

Were you worried the drinker-fans would get out-of-hand? That's the job that your, quite frankly, bored-looking security was there to do. For years and years, clubs and concert venues have managed drinker-fans with considerably few problems.

I'm also not convinced this was good for the bands. Instead of having enthusiastic and, sure, tipsy fans within their sight line, they had a weary-looking half-crowd of sober people and babies. (Babies are adorable, but they're not the demographic that gets rock bands going.)

In conclusion, this neo-Prohibitionism concerns me. Can you re-think it for your other shows this summer?