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The 10 Craziest Moments of Royal Wedding Frenzy Yet

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Over 2 billion people are expected to tune in to the royal wedding, and the world is eagerly hanging on every detail surrounding the big event -- beer banned from the reception! 10,000 canapés ordered! David Beckham will indeed attend! We can't even imagine the media frenzy that will ensue when Kate Middleton's wedding dress designer is finally revealed!

Speaking of frenzy, at the time of this writing, a Google search for "royal wedding frenzy" returned 1,650,000 results. Here are 10 of my favorite moments of madness so far.

1) The Miraculous Jelly Bean

Wesley Hosie, 25, said he was digging into a stash of jelly beans from The Jelly Bean Factory with his girlfriend Jessica White when, suddenly, a vision of Kate Middleton appeared amongst the myriad flavors!

"As Jessica opened the jar, I saw her immediately," Hosie told The Daily Telegraph of Kate's jelly bean doppleganger (mango-flavored, if you must know). "She was literally lying there staring back at me."

And what a vision it was; the newspaper describes the sweet treat thus: "The bean, of red and gold, has an opalescent beauty, like some piece of ancient amber."

And where is the miraculous, opalescent thing of beauty headed next? Why, eBay, of course! Starting bid? £500.

2) This AP Headline: "Mexican Hunger-Striker Wins A Royal Wedding Trip"

MEXICO CITY – A fairy tale has come true for a poor Mexican teenager who spent 16 days on a hunger strike hoping to wrangle an invitation to Britain's royal wedding. Touched by her attempt, a good Samaritan put up the airfare to London, where she hopes to at least watch the festivities from outside Westminster Abbey.

Words fail.

3) Even Reese Witherspoon Has Royal Wedding Mania!

Reese Witherspoon confessed to Ellen Degeneres that she actually invited Will and Kate to her wedding in hopes that they would return the favor. Then Reese told Ellen that she was more excited about the royal big day than her own recent nuptials. No offence, Jim Toth!

4) There's An App For That

According to The Washington Post, there are now 20 apps available for the royal-wedding obsessed. Some of the best: The HELLO! Magazine app (complete with "a timeline of the couple's love story"), the Alarm Royale (a "Royal Wedding Alarm Clock, Facts & Countdown Timer") and, of course, the one where you can dress Prince William in a wedding gown.

5) Butter London's "No More Waity, Katie" nail polish... and lip gloss!

There's a plethora of Will and Kate merchandise, but my personal favorite is this lovely set from Butter London that pays homage to Kate Middleton's long "wait" for her prince to pop the question. The nail polish is "a soft, elegant greige shade with a splash of glitter," and the gloss is "a soft, sheer lavender ... with tiny flecks of lilac glitter. Makes lips look noticeably fuller and the gloss griege finish is utterly unique."

Too true!

Of course, if "greige" is a little understated for you, you could always get a set of William and Kate nail decals.

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For the rest of the list, including the Royal Etch-a-Sketch portrait that took 80 hours to create and, my personal favorite, the Royal Wedding "Throne Up" barf bags, visit