01/20/2011 03:09 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

How Necessary Is a Social Media Plan?

Cartoon with caption - sifting through ideas

Gabrielle Medecki, marketing director for Wolfgang"s Vault (a kick-ass 9-year-old music website if you've never visited) questions whether the creation and guidance of a social media plan is a sound business decision.

In an interview with Marketing Vox, she reminds us that social media is about living in the moment and how anything can go viral at any time. Conversations are formed when "everyone is talking about" a product, a service, a company. She suggests the unpredictability of social media may endanger your plan for online behavior.

You should obviously have a plan -- but how necessary is it for the plan to be all inclusive?

Look to Microsoft for guidance. Their policy for social media is simple:

"Be smart."